Table of Contents


  • Why take this course?

Understanding the Opportunity:

  • Success with Covered Calls
  • What is a Covered Call?
  • Why Covered Calls?

Stock Options: Building Blocks to Wealth

  • Introduction To Options
  • Option Basics
  • Putting the Terminology to Work

What you Should Know Before You Start Trading

  • The Golden Rules: What You Better Know Before You Start Trading
  • Ten Commandments of Investing
  • The Ten Commandments Explained

Getting Your Investment Momentum Going

  • Putting the Basics to Work
  • The Option Chain: The Best Covered Call Tool You'll Ever Use

Factors to Consider When Initiating a Covered Call

  • The Underlying Stock: Choose Wisely!
  • Time to Expiration: The Whole Covered Call Game is About Time
  • Strike Price: You Dial-In The Risk/Reward

Management Your Covered Call Position

  • Managing Your Covered Calls: Stocks Don't Always Do What You Want!
  • What I Do With a Rising Underlying Stock
  • What I Do With a Declining Underlying Stock


  • Closing Statement